Word of Mouth

"Allison's background in social work informs her approach to legislative advocacy. She sees the big picture, how policies made at the macro level are implemented to affect individuals, families, and communities, and conveys this perspective in an engaging and empowering way, spurring people to action. She breaks down complicated legislative and political processes so they're tangible and offers concrete tools for continuing the work of advocacy and social action. The knowledge Allison has to share is critical to healing and change."

Rebecca Armendariz

"My daughter was kicked out of school on September 4th, 2019, because she medicates with cannabis which wasn't recognized under DC Public Schools, although cannabis has been legal in DC for almost six years. I needed sound political advice... That's when I reached Out To Allison Berkowitz. Her response to my 'Please Reply 911' was less than five minutes, and that's when she fired back and equipped me with the knowledge.  

I met with Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton the following day, and within 10 days, emergency legislation was set in place, which allows all children in DC - who are medicinal cannabis patients - to attend school and store their meds in the Nurse's locked medicine cabinet, like the other children...

It was Allison, who empowered me to go to war for my daughter with confidence... I feel every advocate who is faced with adversity needs an Allison Berkowitz by their side to guide and educate them. She is my sister super hero!"

Dawn Lee-Carty



Baltimore, MD, USA